Al Pacino Turned Down the Position of Han Solo in Star Wars

Al Pacino has revealed that he turned down the position of Han Solo within the well-known Star Wars franchise, regardless of being supplied a big sum of cash. In a current interview with Selection, the Academy Award-winning actor said that he declined the chance as a consequence of his incapacity to grasp the script. Pacino joked that he was given many alternatives to play essential roles, even one as vital as Queen Elizabeth. He additionally quipped that his refusal could have led to Harrison Ford’s profitable profession.

Moreover, through the interview, Pacino recalled his varied accidents whereas filming the action-packed Scarface. He talked about one incident the place he by accident touched the barrel of a smoking gun and needed to take a two-week break from filming. The actor additionally shared an amusing anecdote about being mistaken for a “scumbag” when a nurse noticed him lined in faux blood within the emergency room.

Lastly, Pacino expressed his want for Timothée Chalamet to play him within the upcoming Warmth prequel, through which Pacino performed Vincent Hanna, a detective in Michael Mann’s 1995 crime movie. Throughout a panel dialogue about Mann’s novelization of Warmth 2, Pacino and co-star Robert De Niro had been requested who they want to painting youthful variations of their characters. Pacino prompt Chalamet, praising him as a implausible actor.

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. Credit score: Lucasfilm/Everett Assortment Inc/Alamy